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    Best walks Zakopane?

    Best walks Zakopane? Easy hikes Tatry? We present: TOP 5 easiest and most beautiful trails in Zakopane for beginners.

    Trails for beginners – Zakopane! Wondering which trail in the Tatra Mountains to start with? What is the best route to choose when coming to Zakopane with children? Looking for a route for seniors in Zakopane?


    Of course, worthy of recommendation is Sarnia Skała

    Sarnia Skała (1377 m above sea level) Distance: 9 km. Time: 3-4 hours. Overhills of 600 meters. This proposal for an expedition that should not cause anyone any major problems. Beautiful surroundings and an unforgettable view of the Tatra Mountains. This is the place where we have Giewont at our “fingertips”. What direction do we take? From the Strążyska Valley we go to the Path under the Reglami. Here it is worth extending our exit by literally 10 minutes and following the yellow trail to reach the Siklawa Waterfall. You can also get to Sarnia Skała from Kuźnice or Kir. It is worth taking one route and another to return.

    Unquestionably Goose Neck

    Goose Neck (1489 m). Distance: 10 km. Time: 3.5 hours. Overhills of 400 meters. We start the hike at the stop at Wierch Porońc. On a forest path, which is not particularly demanding green trail we go in the direction of Rusinowa Polana. At this point at a table, a bench and even a shepherd’s hut in. The view at this point is fabulous! From there, by stairs, of which there are almost 900 we reach Goose Neck. The views here compensate for our efforts. This is a suggestion for a hike at any time of the year.

    Best walks Zakopane? Rusinowa Polana

    Rusinowa Polana (1180-1300 m above sea level) Distance: 6,4 km. Time: 2 hours. Elevations: 179 m. Rusinowa Polana, which is located between Goose Neck and Goly Wierch, is an iconic place in the Tatras. Admiring the sunrise from this place will remain in our memory for a long time. In this place you will immerse yourself in nature with all your senses.

    To get from Zakopane to Rusinowa Polana take the shortest route to Morskie Oko. After a small traffic circle, there is a parking lot on the right. The best way to get to Rusinowa Polana is to take the green trail from the Wierch Poroniec parking lot and go down the blue trail to the parking lot at Palenica Białczańska.

    First go  … Nosal

    Nosal (1206 m above sea level) Distance: 3 km. Time: 2 hours. Elevations: 200 m. Nosal is one of the most visited Tatra peaks. On the way to the top we are accompanied by a view of the Sleeping Knight. An additional advantage of this route is the opportunity to admire the panorama of the entire Zakopane. And another interesting fact: Nosal has its holes, an inaccessible 12-meter long cave called: “Hole under Nosal”. Heading: Murowanica – Kuźnicka Polana – Nosal – Nosal Pass – Kuźnice.

    fot. Marcin Szkodziński

    The best: Valley of Five Lakes

    Valley of Five Lakes (1671 meters above sea level) Distance: 9 km. Time: 2 hours. Exceedances: 678 m. Looking for a pleasant and simple trail? Expedition to the Valley of Five Lakes is a great option for you! This place impresses with its charm. You’ll see the granite peaks of the Tatra Mountains up close, shimmering sheets of lakes and huge expanses of dwarf pine. A special bonus? Along the way you will see a beautiful waterfall, which on a sunny day when the water splashes creates a multi-colored rainbow!

    Program: Palenica Białczańska – Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza -Dolina Roztoki-Schronisko PTTK in the Valley of Five Lakes.

    Regardless of which route we choose, we must remember about appropriate footwear, clothing and provisions. Trails for beginners – Zakopane – recommended! Additional attractions for children? Conquering the mountains by bicycle for seniors?

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