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    Zakopane attractions in winter


    List three things that you associate with Zakopane. The Tatra Mountains? Highlanders? Snow? I think so. The three most characteristic features that make this city the winter capital of Poland.

    The city deserved its title.

    It is not without reason that crowds of tourists are streaming to “Zakopane” in winter, and not only from nearby. Thirsting for rest, which they can get in Zakopane in many forms. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that everyone can spend their winter holidays in Zakopane in a way tailored to their preferences.


    Of course, the Tatra Mountains themselves remain a permanent location to rest, independent of the season. According to many, they look the most beautiful in winter, with the peaks covered with snow, sparkling in the rays of the rising sun. Mountain hiking in winter does not have to be a challenge for fitness, although it worth remembering that the conditions are more severe than in summer. One should have a certain level of physical fitness, but also some common sense and preparation. In winter, some routes are unavailable, others have special bypasses, safe for tourists.

    It is worth remembering, however, that a trip to the Tatra Mountains does not have to mean climbing. A journey through the Koscieliska Valley, through the Strazyska Valley to the Siklawica waterfall or Droga pod Reglami, are winter classics. Such a walk, lasting 2-4 hours, is an opportunity to get acquainted with the beauty of the Tatra Mountains because they give beautiful views of the countryside and nature. They also greatly stimulate the appetite, as evidenced by the evening crowds in taverns, eating steaming sour soup, and highlanders’ cakes.


    Many tourists prefer to enjoy the snow, not on tracks but on the slopes. These are skiers that skiing alone, or participating in one of the many ski schools in Zakopane. Thanks to the courses, beginners can feel the magic of skis and leave school over time. Useful information for parents will be the fact that even kids admitted to schools or ski kindergartens.

    Older and more experienced besides skis will also be happy to get on snowboards. Or they will choose challenging routes, free of crowds, allowing for perfect contact with the Tatra Mountains. Skitour, because we are talking about it, is just such a hike in the mountains, where on the one hand we have peace, quiet and nature, on the other, they require skill, fitness and perfect knowledge of yourself and skis.

    Recent years have introduced another attraction to the Tatra Mountains, eagerly chosen by men. Indeed, some of them go to Zakopane solemnly for this. Just as summer has quads, in winter snowmobiles season, these are powerful machines that can easily traverse snow-covered routes — the engine power and emotions associated with driving combined with beautiful views. This type of activity is rather for adults. However, not only. You can also use the option of trips on snowmobiles with your child. Then the routes are shorter, gentler, but still allowing children to experience an unforgettable adventure. Being in Zakopane in winter and not going on snowmobiles? Don’t do this to yourself …


    There is one more way of exploring the area where we can ride but not on a machine only on a sled. It is, of course, a sleigh ride. One of the most popular, most frequently chosen winter attractions. But such a real one, with highlander fantasy and style, with sleighs rushing on snowy roads … It makes an impression both during the day and at night. You will not believe how good sausage tastes after such a ride and how long you will remember the sleigh ride.

    Not everyone knows that in the winter, a wonderful attraction is a thermal bath… And it’s warm. Thermal pools offer the possibility of bathing – and playing – not only in the summer. Even in winter, the water has a temperature of over 30 degrees, which means that despite the frost, bathers are warm. A visit to the thermal baths becomes an unforgettable experience. For adults, it usually means carefree lounging in warm water, while giving children a lot of fun and joy that you will only experience in winter.

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