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    The capital of the Polish Tatra Mountains is one of the most famous tourist destinations. For decades, it has enjoyed steady popularity, and it is a common choice of subsequent generations of Poles. You can say that more people are willing to spend their holidays in Zakopane, as well as more and more attractions in this charming corner.

    Zakopane successfully combines tradition and folklore with a modern tourist offer and a wide range of attractions. On the one hand, we have the beauty of the Tatra Mountains and highlander traditions, on the other – access to the wide variety of ways to spend your free time.


    However, the first thing that attracts tourists is, of course, the mountains. The Tatra Mountains are beautiful at any time of the year. Their magical charm attracts and fascinates both lovers of mountain trips and tourists who want to admire its splendid beauty. For everyone, regardless of their physical condition, the Tatra Mountains have something to offer. Zakopane is a great base to enjoy the Tatra Mountains. Whether as part of a day trip, using an extensive bus base, or maybe going on a bike tour to the Tatra Mountains.

    The most recognizable places on the Tatra map are Nosal, Koscieliska Valley, Chocholowska Valley, or practically the obligatory destinations – Giewont, Kasprowy Wierch, and Morskie Oko. In each of these places, you can feel the spirit of the Tatra Mountains, leisurely wandering the valleys and climbs to admire the views that will be memorable for a long time. It is for them that every year so many tourists come to the Tatra Mountains. There are no prettier mountains in Poland than the Tatra Mountains. And almost everyone who saw them close would like to repeat this adventure …


    There are no Tatra Mountains without highlanders. They are rooted in this place. The characteristic highlander dialect and sincere greetings will accompany you throughout your stay. Anyway, this is probably the only place in Poland where tradition holds so firmly. Here, no one is ashamed of his origin and does not forget about culture. Although highlanders only wear folk costumes for tourists and special occasions. However, you will find embroidered patterns on clothing, red beads, and felt hats with shells at every step.

    A vacation in Zakopane is a unique opportunity to learn about the highlander’s tradition. It is beginning with the music, which is abundant here. You will find it in taverns, at celebrations and festivals for in the Podhale region it is all year round. Speaking of taverns, it is not proper to leave Zakopane without trying traditional sour soup on ribs. A soup that tastes not only delicious but also perfectly heals the hangover due to yesterday’s fun.

    Anyway, we see highlander traditions at every stage of our stay in the Tatra Mountains. Houses and pensions, furniture, clothes, utility items are diligently decorated by woodcarvers. Sculptures and churches can be found not only in museums but also during walks. Cute paintings on glass hanging on the walls, accompanied by embroidered pictures or scarves.

    Highlander folklore is still alive. Partly thanks to tourists, and partly thanks to the highlander’s spirit. They are so attached to tradition and to pass it on for generations. But the love of culture does not mean that highlanders forget about modernity.


    For most tourists, the view of the Tatra Mountains and the taste of highlander cuisine are not enough. They want something more, ways to spend their free time and arrange the long-awaited vacation. In Zakopane, they will find practically everything for themselves. Recent years have not only been the development of accommodation facilities – after all, cottages in Zakopane are increasingly traditionally furnished, but modernly equipped. It offers a lot of attractions for adults and children, singles, couples and families with children.

    Zakopane is no longer associated only with a walk around Krupowki and the cable car to Giewont. For those seeking relaxation for body and spirit, they can go to, for example, to a spa, relax in saunas and baths, receive massages and relax, after which they will return from vacation rested and full of vigor. Thermal pools in the Tatras are a great place to have fun for children and their parents. It is one of the few places in Poland where winter stay is associated with snow.

    If you love snowboarding and skiing, this place is for you. An excellent alternative for them, or a complement to rest, is to go riding snowmobiles in the mountains. It is a rest combined with the adrenaline, power, and beauty of the landscape. However, if such entertainment is too energetic for you, then a sleigh ride in Zakopane is an alternative. Sleigh ride on snowy roads, whip shooting, horse neighing – it is the perfect attraction for youngest and adults.

    The city called the winter capital of Poland also has a lot to offer for tourists going on summer holidays in the mountains. Trails spreading in the area are suitable for both occasional walkers and those who like strenuous marches and climbs. The big advantage is the extensive network of bike rentals, thanks to which you can explore the area on two wheels. It’s incredibly fun, regardless of age, and the possibility of renting bikes allows tourists not to transport equipment. The surrounding forests are also great as a base for quad trips. And even for complete beginners who can get to know them for the first time here.

    So if someone asks why it’s worth spending a vacation in Zakopane, the answer is simple because there is a lot of things to do all year round. For active people and supporters of passive recreation. For young people, seniors, and families with children. For everyone.

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