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    Zakopane attractions in summer


    Everybody knows that Zakopane is a city that has a high popularity. But its popularity does not end with winter. Summer is also a season of many attractions and ways to make your vacation not only successful but also make it stay long in the memory.

    Summer is a time when children and seniors, couples, and families with children will find something for themselves. It will show you a new way to discover the warm version of Zakopane. Not worse than in winter – just different, but still exciting and attractive.


    Every mountain lover will find something for himself in the Tatra Mountains. Advanced and well-informed tourists will look for places to climb will undoubtedly know the Kazalnica well. However, most of the tourists in the mountains want to “wander.” And they will feel great in the region of Zakopane. Light walks for seniors and children, for whom places such as the Chocholowska Valley or Kalatowki are just perfect. A quiet area, allowing you to enjoy the Tatra nature and views. Tourists who are confident about their physical condition may go on a Kopieniec or Sarnia Skala, the last one considered to be the best viewpoint on Giewont. Of course, for those who like to watch the mountains, but do not walk on them, the ideal position remains – entering by cable car to Kasprowy Wierch. This convenient way also allows you to admire the Tatra National Park from above.

    Hiking in the mountains is one of the most popular ways to spend time in the Tatras. Not the only one, however.


    There are many benefits to get around the region by bike. You can visit more spots this way, cross longer routes and see the Tatra Mountains in different ways. Is this a lighter way? It depends only on you. You can choose a gentle, recreational route suitable even for riding with a child on the trailer behind you. And you can decide to ride in the woods and on hills. This one can prove to be hard but positive because it perfectly tests your strengths and capabilities.

    However, not everyone is in good shape and health to pedal even on flat ground. The solution for such people is an exciting option – e-bike. Electric bicycles are great as a means of transport. On the one hand, quiet, mobile, allowing you to admire the Zakopane surroundings at your own pace. On the other – they minimize your effort and make the journey a pleasant experience. Electric support will be an excellent attribute not only for older people or people with a physical condition but also it works great for family trips in the Tatra Mountains.


    If two wheels are not enough for you – then go on four. The wave of popularity of quads is still growing, and the mountains are a dream location for them. Abundant in unevenness, slopes, logs to overcome, hills to traverse … To arrange a full off-road trip is our specialty. Sounds interesting, but you haven’t sat on a quad bike in your life? So instead of six hours, start by buying a quad trip for an hour or two. This kind of trip leaves a beautiful feeling.


    Flowing down the Dunajec river on a raft is considered one of the biggest attractions in the mountains. The rafting season starts on April 1 and lasts until late autumn. During these two or three hours of travel, you will see incredibly scenic views. Panorama of the “Trzy Korony” a journey through a rocky gorge where time seems to stop, the wild nature surrounding the river … It all makes the rafting memorable for years. It is hard to find a route like this not only in Poland but also in Europe. To take this journey, you would have to travel first to a certain point, but it’s only an hour away.


    Some people think that a raft trip is enjoyable, but they would want more adrenaline. The rafting boat is the right thing for them. The river is not fast and wild enough to cause problems even for beginners. But fast and wild enough not to make it trivial. You can spend time actively among friends, surrendering to the river current or fighting the current and your weakness. You can also swim more calmly, showing children how pleasant outdoor activity is and how much fun you can get out of it …


    Well, what to do with children? Theoretically, you can have a lot of experience together with your children, and almost everywhere. In practice, vacation time can mean for parents that they want to take the vacation without their children. It is understandable because the youngest not necessarily interested in everything that parents do. They have their world, their needs, and they value the company of their peers more often than parents. Therefore, it is a reasonable suggestion to use the children’s playground. Leave the children under the care of qualified staff, and go to have and go wild. So that parents have moments to themselves.


    The place where everyone will find something for themselves, from children to seniors is another mountain attraction – thermal pools. An attraction that works great all year round. In the summer, it becomes a place of endless fun. The slides and water playgrounds loved by children are full of shouts of joy. Adults are eager to immerse themselves in relaxing Jacuzzi baths to boost their immune system and relax wonderfully in a steam bath. The thermal baths are perfect as a place for a day trip, especially if you got tired of quads or bikes the previous day.

    Winter capital? Yes. But also a summer entertainment center, regardless of age, fitness and favorite ways of spending free time.

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