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    Why you should choose ?


    Most of you – and us – go on vacation once, maybe twice a year. You prepare for them, plan them, consider all the pros and cons of possible locations, and look for the best way to spend your vacation.

    You consider, wanting your rest to be worth the time and money spent on it, regardless of whether it will be only a weekend or a full holiday in the mountains. You know how much you need this rest and how hard you had to work for it.


    We also work hard. Fifteen years have passed since we are operating recreational attractions for Tourists in Zakopane, the Podhale region, and the Tatra Mountains. We cannot count how many thousands of people have passed through our facilities. How many smiles we brought on faces, showing how many expressions can have a rest in Zakopane and how many attractions can there are in our beautiful mountains.

    Our company knows the tourist market from its very core. We meet the expectations of our clients, but also continuously work on providing them with new entertainment. So that they would like to revisit mountain ranges, they trust us again and come back to us again.

    And you know what? They are coming back.

    WE WILL DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU is not a company offering only tourist services. We provide an excellent holiday experience, satisfaction from the money spent, and our intention to bring you moments that lasts as long as possible.

    We take care of our guests comprehensively. We have our accommodation base, leaving at your disposal stylish rooms in guest houses, but also real highlander houses with a unique character.

    We provide many attractions, regardless of the season. In the summer we have bikes, paintballs, quads or rafting trips for you. In winter, we recommend scooters, sleigh rides, snow safaris. And much much more.

    We organize traditional highlander parties for you, with music, dances, and of course a feast, to show you the beauty of nature, the character of the mountains, and the incredible climate of the Tatra Mountains. We will take you to caves, rock climbing, and the Tatra peaks.


    We do not forget that you come to rest in the mountains. However, do not underestimate mountains at any time of the year. That is why our offer includes trips with guides who not only will tell you about the area in an exciting way but are also able to respond to changing weather conditions and always care about the safety of our guests. Therefore, if necessary, they are accompanied by guides of the Tatra National Park, TOPR rescuers, cavers … People to whom we can trust not only our free time but also security.


    WHO ARE OUR CUSTOMERS? has a flexible offer, adjusted to tourists’ preferences and their expectations. We don’t offer the same thing for everyone, although we have something for everyone …

    Certain types of entertainment we offer for families with children, for children, seniors, or couples So that everyone is happy and gets what they need most during their rest. You can use our single services or buy full packages with accommodation and attractions. Relaxation and blissful peace? Or maybe adrenaline and effort? Regardless of the answer – we have it.


    These are not boasting. Over a dozen years in business have taught us a lot. We are developing, expanding our offer, moving forward.

    Thanks to this, our group of clients is not limited to individual tourists. We also support groups, organize events, group events, and integration games. Polish people are the most numerous among our guests, but we are ready to render service for foreigners.



    We are experts in our field with a professional crew, efficient logistics, and tremendous opportunities. We praise our achievements and do not do it unreasonably. We show ourselves not only through websites. You can visit us personally and see that it is worth trusting us.

    We operate in the Tatra Mountains, so we chose the center of Zakopane as the location of our office. It could not have been different.


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