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    Pontoon rafting on the Dunajec River

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    Availability : Wiosna, Lato, Jesień
    Min Age : 1+
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    Pontoon rafting on the Dunajec River

    When we spend our summer vacation in Podhale, we also have the Pieniny National Park close by, where we can take part in a beautiful adventure, which is rafting with pontoons.

    The Pieniny Mountains are famous for rafting down the Dunajec River on traditional wooden rafts. However, if you prefer active recreation, we recommend an alternative, which is a rafting trip.

    The Dunajec River will give us a lot of emotions and adrenaline. At the same time, it is the easiest river in terms of difficulty, so even families with several-year-old children can easily take part in rafting.

    Rafting takes place on inflatable sports boats for several people. Vests, seat belts and belay equipment are on the pontoons. So we can feel safe. Of course, experienced instructors also watch over the safety of each rafting trip.

    Rafting is a ready idea for a day full of excitement for anyone who wants to experience a beautiful adventure surrounded by nature, magnificent views and water.

    Rafting on the Dunajec River

    Rafting or rafting on mountain rivers – was popular in the 80s of the previous century. It has since become a popular pastime. Initially, it was a sport for only a select few. It took a tremendous amount of energy.

    Today, its tourist version is available to everyone! Beautiful views all around you Splashing water, the sun high in the sky, birds singing and amazing views of the mountains – all this is waiting for you while rafting on the Dunajec River!

    The gently flowing river and the beautiful scenery of green forests will provide a break from the everyday hustle and bustle.

    From the side of the pontoon you can admire such peaks of the Pieniny as Trzy Korony or Sokolica. You can  ask the instructor about what you see around, he will be happy to answer all your questions. He will also tell about the peaks, local legends and attractions nearby.

    Transfer from Zakopane for rafting

    Rafting on the Dunajec River is a great idea for an integration event for companies or an unusual trip with a group of friends and family. You don’t have to worry about commuting. We will pick you up from Zakopane and bring you back after rafting. Even if you spend your vacation in a large group. The number of people is not a problem for us.

    The beginning and end of the trip 

    1. Sromowce Niżne – Szczawnica,  approx. 14 km. The trip will last about 2 hours
    2. Niedzica – Szczawnica,  approx. 20 km . The trip will lastabout 3 hours
    3. Sromowce Niżne – Krościenko,  approx. 17 km. The trip will last about 2.5 hours

    When rafring begins

    The rafting trips begins from April 1

    The season is over October 31

    The safety of people who take part in rafting is most important to us!

    Vests, safety belts and safety equipment are in every pontoon. However, before you get into it, to experience a beautiful adventure, our instructor will provide you with the necessary information on how to behave on the water. You can feel safe with us.

    Tickets and price

    You can quickly book rafting tickets on our website. Choose the date and number of people, and the price will be displayed automatically. We will send the tickets directly to the e-mail address provided.

    Nothing difficult, right? 

    Unforgettable memories

    We invite you on an unforgettable trip which is rafting on Dunajec. If you are looking for an idea for integration for groups or companies, rafting will be great! It will also be an amazing adventure for a group of friends or families with children. This is a unique opportunity to see mountain peaks and forest landscape from a completely different perspective.

    Discover the wild climate and beauty of the Pieniny Mountains with us!


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